Computing giant Acer launches 'AI-powered' electric bike

21 Mar 2023

Leading computer manufacturer Acer has unveiled a new electric bike, claiming that the ebii machine will stand out through user of advanced Artificial Intelligence technology.

The Acer ebii is a compact city-style machine that uses a modular architecture and an aluminium alloy frame. Targeted at urban commuters the bike weighs just 16kg, with Acer claiming it has been tuned for “stable and nimble riding”.

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There is a single motor which offers either 250W or 350W (depending on local regulations), and unusually can be mounted as a front, centre or rear hub, depending on options. It offers 40Nm of torque, and in all markets gives electric assist up to 15.5mph.

Given Acer’s background as a computer and technology manufacturer, predictably the firm claims that it’s the computing power of the ebii that is particularly notable. The machine features components developed by several Acer subsidiary companies, with a power system developed by MPS Energy and an Xploca cycling computer. 

Jerry Kao, Acer’s joint COO, says that the “cornerstone” of the bike’s design is what is termed an “intelligent vehicle control box”, which controls the power and other functions. That includes the ebiiAssist function, which automatically adapts the electric assist to the rider’s pedalling power, and riding conditions.

The firm claims that it uses AI technology to learn a rider’s preferences, usual routes and style, adapting over time to provide optimum assistant.

The ebii can also be twinned with an ebiiGO smartphone app, which allows them to adjust power settings and other functions. That includes switching between three ride modes: power-saving Eco Mode, the adaptive My ebii Mode and Boost Mode. They can also be accessed with an LED display on the handlebars, which can also show navigation information.

Acer says that the ebii’s MPS Energy removable battery offers up to 68 miles of range, with a full charge taking around 21.5 hours. The firm added that the AI systems also optimise the power distribution to support f full day of rising. The MPS Energy battery is claimed to use a unique cell layout that Acer says offers greater charge protection and safety.

When removed, the battery pack can also be used as a portable charger for other devices.

The bike also offers automatically illuminating front and rear lights, with extra lighting under the vehicle control box. There’s also a rear collision warning sensor under the seat, that will warn riders of objects approaching from behind.

Acer says that exact specifications, prices and availability will vary by region. We’re waiting on news of whether it will be offered in the UK.


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