New Canyon Roadlite:ON 8 hybrid bike offers more torque and range

31 Oct 2022

German bike brand Canyon has launched the Roadlite:ON 8, the latest in its range of lightweight urban electric bikes. Featuring flat bars and sleek lines, it’s designed to ‘provide the ultimate versatility for cycling purists and commuters alike’. 

The biggest update for the new model is the use of the Fazua Ride 60, the latest version of the German motor system that weighs just 4.3kg and can offer up 450W and 60NM of torque. That’s 100W and 2NM more than the Ride 50 system that featured on the Canyon Roadlite:ON 6 we have previously reviewed – and which impressed us with both its range and smooth power assistance.

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The Roadlte:ON 8 features a 430Wh battery, which is substantially larger than the 252Wh units on the Roadlite:ON 6.

The controls are discreetly placed on the handlebars, something that Canyon has continued throughout the design of this bike: you could be fooled into thinking it isn’t an electric bike at first glance. There's even included a smartphone mount on the bars, and you can use the Fazua Remote FX app to control your ride profile (including changing the assist profile settings), view battery levels and monitor fitness goals. 

Canyon Roadlite:ON 6 review

The Roadlite:ON 8’s 40mm Schwalbe G-One Allround tyres mean it’s likely to be able to ride along towpaths with ease, while the entire weight of the bike is 15.6kg so it’s not too heavy if you want to pop it on the back of the car or carry it up a flight of stairs. If it’s anything like the Roadlite:ON 6 then the agility and comfort will be very impressive for an e-bike. 

The Roadlite:ON is available to order on the Canyon website, priced at £3649. 


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