MiRider GB3 e-bike review

21 Mar 2024

Move Electric rating: four stars out of five

What does it cost? 

What is it?
The GB3 is the newest model from the family-owned brand, MiRider. It's another electric folding bike, but with plenty of updates from the MiRider One model, which we reviewed earlier this year. 

What is it like?  
For a start, the hill climbing performance is instantly better thanks to the gearing. There's a 15% hill about 200 metres away from my house which I use to test the bikes, and to my surprise, it was no match for the highest level of assist and lowest gear. 

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What else is new? Well, there are now three gears rather than one. These are hidden inside a crank-mounted gearbox system and controlled via a grip shifter on the handlebars. I found them easy to shift even under load and only felt like I was slightly undergeared if I was riding down a slight descent. Otherwise, MiRider has picked the ratio well.

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You may also have noticed that lovely display on the handlebars – it's a colour screen and gives out all the metrics you could ever possibly want from an e-bike, even down to the battery voltage. There's also a handy USB charge port if you've ever felt the need to charge your phone on the go. 

The handlebars are also an upgrade, now 60cm wide and with a slight rise to make them more comfortable and adjustable. I also felt like they provided a little bit more stability than the previous model, and I wasn't wobbling about as much at junctions when trying to indicate. 

Stopping is also much better on the GB3, as the bike comes with hydraulic disc brakes. Even on steep inclines I felt like they performed well, and adding in the wet leaves now that it’s autumn, they’re a safe bet to see you through the winter months. 

Now perhaps my favourite update, and yes, it’s a little odd, but it’s the pedals. The new pedals are CNC machined alloy folding pedals, which in itself isn’t exciting, but they fold with such ease now that it’s a genuine pleasure to fold the bike away and the pedals with it. 

The final upgrade from the MiRider One is the addition of the Selle Royal saddle. It's plush, and designed with an "anti-slip material". I don't like to comment on bike saddles as every body is different, but even my particularly picky backside managed to cope with this one in jeans. 

So with all the upgrades, is it worth the nearly £1,000 more? Absolutely. If you're a leisure rider or a commuter that wants something that's still reasonably priced but packed with technology, it's a pretty safe bet. By MiRider's estimates, it can get up to 45 miles on a single charge if you ride on the level-one assist. I mostly used level three and above, because it was so windy and hilly, and managed about 20 miles out of a single charge. Bearing in mind I was using it in more extreme conditions, and using the higher levels of assistance, so 45 miles on lower assistance and on the flat I reckon is doable. 

Overall, I found the GB3 to be a nimble bike that's plenty of fun to ride. It's easy to fold and transport and comes with lots of upgrades on the One model which I do think warrants the price increase. 

Where can I buy it?
From MiRider directly or from one of their distributors.

How does it arrive?
Folded neatly in a nice and compact cardboard box. Simply unfold and attach the seatpost to get going. 

MiRider has outdone itself with the GB3, improving on an already very good electric folding bike and taking into account some of the feedback on the One model. With the improved performance and the neat addition of the gearbox, there are not many places that aren't conquerable with this great little bike. 

MiRider GB3

Cost: £2495

Frame size tested: One size – suits riders between 5ft 0in and 6ft 4in

Weight of bike: 19.4kg

Groupset: 3-speed crank-mounted gearbox with twist shift, Clarks CMD-24 hydraulic disc brakes

Wheels/tyres: 16" wheels with aero rims and a MiRiDER-designed 1 piece front hub, C Drive Drive Belt 111 Tooth, Schwalbe Green Compound Road Cruiser 16 x 1.75in with reflective side walls

Motor: Brushless 250W rear hub motor

Battery: Samsung 18650 Lithium-Ion Cells, 36 v 7 Ah / 252 Wh

Mileage range: Up to 45 miles

Assistance levels: Five

Charge time: 2-3 hours

Included extras: Kickstand, mudguards, front LED light, colour display


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