New Polestar 4 coupe-SUV is brand's fastest production model yet

18 Apr 2023

The new Polestar 4 is a sleek coupe-SUV that will arrive in the UK 2024 as the firm’s fastest production model to date.

As the number might suggest, the new machine is the Volvo spin-off brand’s fourth model, although it’s really the third production model if you discount the limited-run hybrid Polestar 1 grand tourer. In terms of size and price, the new machine will sit between the Polestar 2 fastback that’s already on sale and the Polestar 3 large SUV that was revealed late last year.

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The Polestar 4 is described by the firm as a “new breed” of SUV-coupe, and will be the brand’s first model built on the Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) that has been developed by parent firm Geely – and which is also used for the likes of the Smart #1 and Volvo’s forthcoming entry-level model.

Polestar boss Thomas Ingenlath said that the new model represents a “fundamental new approach” to SUV-coupe design. He added: “Rather than simply modifying an existing SUV, giving it a faster roofline and as a result, compromising elements like rear headroom and comfort, we have designed Polestar 4 from the ground up as a new breed of SUV-coupe that celebrates rear occupant comfort and experience.”

Still, the Polestar 4 hasn’t been designed purely with regard to the people in the back: the powertrain gives the driver plenty to enjoy. It will be offered with single- and dual-motor versions, with the range-topping models producing a whopping 400kW and 506lb ft ft of torque.

That means the machine will have a 0-62mph time of 3.8 seconds, and Polestar claims that it won’t just be quick in a straight line, but will offer “a thrilling and nimble driving experience”.

The Dual motor version will feature a disconnect clutch that will automatically disengage the front motor when not needed to maximise range. There’s also a drive optimisation function so you can choose to have both motors engaged at all times for peak performance.

The Single motor versions won’t exactly be slow, sending 200kW and 343nm lb ft to the rear wheels. 

Both powertrains will be offered in Long Range form using a 102kWh battery. Polestar says the ‘preliminary range target’ for the Single motor versions is up to 372 miles, and 350 miles for the Dual motor. A heat pump is standard to aid efficiency.

The battery can be charged at speeds of up to 200kW, and the Polestar 4 will support bi-directional charging (so you can use the car to power your home) and vehicle-to-load output (so you can charge your laptop or plug in a kettle and make a nice cup of tea).

The Dual motor version will feature semi-active suspension, while wheels will range in size from 20 to 22 inches.

The design of the Polestar 4 fuses elements from the Precept concept car, including a revamped front end design that splits the ‘dual blade’ lights with a new Polestar light signature. Polestar has also done away with the rear window, instead expecting the full-length glass roof beyond the heads of rear passengers.

As an aside, that roof is electrochromic, which is a posh way of saying you can press a button and it will automatically change from see-through to opaque.

There’s a focus on aerodynamic efficiency, with a low nose, retractable door handles and frameless windows. The Polestar 4 is 4838mm long, 2139mm wide and 1544mm high, so while it might be smaller than the Polestar 3 it’s still a relatively big family SUV. 

That’s reflected ion the push to maximise interior space. The firm claims the interior design and materials have been inspired by ‘soft tech’ seen in the fashion and sportswear industries. 

Notably, there’s a tailored knit textile that is made from recycled PET bottles and has been created by Polestar and the Swedish School of Textiles. There’s also ‘animal welfare-secured’ Nappa leather, and floor carpets made from Econyl, a material that uses old fishing nets.

Inside, there’s a 15.4in touchscreen that runs the latest version of Polestar’s Android Auto OS infotainment, so all your favourite Google apps are built in as standard. You can also select an option 12-speaker Harman Kardon sound system – and then option extra headrest speakers to take the total to 16. Meanwhile, rear passengers get their own secondary media and climate control screen.

There’s a 10.2in drive display, which is complemented by a head-up display with a 14.7in projection area. That system even includes a ‘snow mode’ function, so you can change the text colour from white to yellow if you’re driving in snow. And if you’re driving in yellow snow, well, best not think about it too much.

Because of the lack of rear window there’s also a lack of a rear-view mirror. Instead, there’s an HD screen that takes a feed from a roof-mounted camera, which Polestar claims offers a wider field of view than a conventional mirror. You can also deactivate the feed and use it to see in the back of the cars should you need to.

That rear camera isn’t the only safety system on the car: there are 12 cameras, one radar and 12 ultrasonic sensors fitted as standard to the Polestar 4. There are also up to nine airbags.

The Polestar 4 will be offered with a number of equipment packs, including a Plus Pack that adds various comfort features, Plus Pro that adds a colour-coded body and the electrochromic glass roof. The Nappa pack, as the name suggests, adds the Nappa leather upholstery, while Pilor Pack accts the Pilot Assist functions.

There’s also a Performance Pack for the Dual motor version, which adds 22in wheels, four-piston Brembo brakes and Polestar Engineered chassis tuning.

The Polestar 4 will launch first in China, with production starting in Hangzhou Bay in November this year. It will launch in Europe, the USA and other Asia-Pacific countries early in 2024. The firm says that ‘indicative launch pricing’ will start from around £55,000 in the UK.

As with Polestar’s other models, the firm has pledged to produce a full lifecycle assessment of the car’s carbon footprint in a big to showcase greater transparency.


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