Skoda confirms four new EVs, including entry-level model and a new estate

25 Apr 2023
Skoda six new EV line-up

Skoda has outlined four new electric vehicles that it will launch in the next three years: a compact, including an entry level compact model and – load luggers rejoice! – an estate. 

The new model line-up will also include a compact car that will be named Elroq, and a seven-seater that will be a production versions of the Vision 7S concept. The Czech firm will also launch updated versions of the existing Skoda Enyaq and Enyaq Coupe

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Skoda has also given a first glimpse at the six new models (including the 'heavily updated' Enyaq models) – sort of. It’s shown off a set of bronze-style scupltures that hint at the styling, without really giving away too many details. Well, it’s a change from a concept car, and perhaps they make nice paperweights or something.

The real, non-sculpture versions of the four new models will, like the Enyaq, all sit on the Volkswagen Group’s bespoke electric MEB platform – which helpfully means we can gauge a reasonable amount about them.

In total, Skoda is investing £4.96 billion in its e-mobility efforts by 2027, and it says all the new – including the updated Enyaq pair – will showcase its new ‘Modern Solid’ design language, which majors on ‘robustness, functionality and authenticity’.

The Small machine (below) will arrive in 2026, and will be Skoda’s entry-level model using the modified MEB Entry platform that will underpin the Volkswagen ID 2 and production version of the Cupra UrbanRebel. All those models will be produced at the Seat/Cupra facility in Barcelona.

That means the machine will likely have a target price of around £22,000, a front-mounted motor producing around 166kW and a choice of 38kWh and 56kWh batteries, giving a range of up to 280 miles. Skoda suggests it will be around 4010mm long.

Skoda has confirmed the Compact model (below) will be called Elroq, maintaining the tradition of its SUV models to use names that start with E and end in Q. The firm has described the model as a ‘compact SUV’ that is an all-electric successor to the Karoo.

It will be around 4050mm long, so will be similar to the Volkswagen ID 3, although likely riding slightly higher and with a boxier body, doubtless adding as much practical luggage capacity as possible.

The Estate (below) is a particularly intriguing prospect – and the model we know lead about. Skoda says it will be ‘spacious’, which you’d expect from a Skoda estate: seriously, have you ever looked in the boot of an Octavia or Superb estate? They’re so big they practically have their own time zones.

Skoda claims the new estate be around 4070mm long, and will embody “the brand’s core values” and will transport “the strengths of this popular body style into the era of electric mobility.”

The biggest model (below), labelled ‘Space’ by Skoda, will be the production version of the Vision 7S that the firm showed off last year, and will be a large seven-seat range-topper the will serve as the brand’s electric flagship.

Martin Jahn, Skoda’s sales boss, said: “By 2026, our new battery-electric models will cover all vehicle segments that are relevant to our customers.”


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