New Cake Bukk is a lightweight e-motorbike designed for the trails

26 Apr 2023
Cake Bukk

Swedish electric motorbike firm Cake has launched the new Bukk, a lightweight performance machine designed designed for off-road usage.

The newest machine was first launched last year with a limited production run of just 50 units, and Cake has now launched it as a full production line, including road-legal versions. Described as being 'highly customisable', the Bukk will be offered with a choice of two powertrains.

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The top-spec Powerlight versions will match the limited-run units produced last year, featuring Cake's new in-four Jante internal permanent magnet motor producing 11.1kW of nominal power with a peak of 16kW, and a faintly ludicrous 310lb ft of torque. 

With the lightest configuration weighing 89kg – 64kg for the frame and 21kg for the battery – that is enough to propel the machine from 0-28mph in 2.15 seconds. Key to the keeping the weight down is the use of an aluminium frame.

There will also be a Superlight version, with the motor tuned for 8.5kW of nominal power with a peak of 13kW, and 270lb ft of torque.

Both units feature a 72-volt, 2.9kWhj battery, which offers around three hours of riding on trail of off-road routes.The battery is removably through a quick swap mechanism, and can be charged from empty to full in 2hrs 45mins.

Buyers can also choose from three suspension combinations from Ohlins, WP and Formula, with options intend to suit from pure off-road to street legal versions. There are also front and rear Formula brakes.

The wheels use forged CNC aluminium Cake wheel hubs. The front wheel is 19in, with an 18in version at the rear. The Bukk also offers 335mm of ground clearance, and has a wheelbase of 1340mm. It can also be connected with Cake's app allowing it to be set-up and configured. 

The Bukk is available to order now. The Superlight is priced from €10,270 (£9090), rising to €11,070 (£9,800) for the Powerlight. Deliveries are expected to begin in August.


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