New Zapp i300 arrives with limited-run Carbon Launch Edition

22 Mar 2023

London-based start-up Zapp EV has unveiled the production version of the limited-run i300 Carbon Launch Edition of its first electric motorbike.

The new electric city bike has been in development since the firm launched in 2017, and is now available to order online. The machine will launch with 1000 examples of the special edition model, which features a range of bespoke elements.

The i300 Carbon Launch Edition offers a special carbon fibre fender, diamond cut wheels, a red rear spring and a special plaque. It is priced at £7995, compared to £5750 for the entry-level version of the machine, which features a 'step-through' scooter design.

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Zapp has also launched its customer website, which features a new 3D configurator, and launched its first physical store in Paris, France. While the firm will feature both online and physical showrooms, all sales will go through the firm's online platform, which means there will be a set price (staff in the stores will still still gain commission on sales).

The company will then operate what it calls a drop-ship-direct-to-customer model. That essentially means the firm won't make a bike until there is an order for one. The machine will then be delivered to an address of there buyer's choice in a special 'Zapper' van. A trained Zapper technician will then provide a handover.

Ongoing regular servicing will also be conducted by the Zapper technicians at a location of the customer's choice, with each of the vans featuring a full took kit and extensive spare parts inventory.

What exactly is the Zapp i300?

The Zapp i300 is built around an exoskeleton frame which, combined with lightweight alloy and composite bodywork, means it weighs 92kg without batteries. 

The distinctive design of the i300 includes adjustable pushrod rear suspension fitted to a single-sided rear swing arm, upside down front forks and ultra low-profile tyres.

Power comes from an interior permanent magnet electric motor, which produces 14kW of power and 433lb ft of torque. The machine can sprint from 0-30mph in 2.2secs, and can reach its 60mph top speed (the maximum allowed for an L3e-A2 vehicle) in 4.8secs.

The i300 will be fitted as standard with two portable battery packs, each of which weighs 6kg. While Zapp EV hasn’t given their capacity it claims that combined the packs give the bike a range of 37 miles. The batteries can be charged from 20-80% in under 40 minutes on a standard domestic power supply.

The machine will be offered with a wide range of personalisation options, including six colours for the front fender and three seat colours. 

The i300 is now available to reserve, and will be priced from £5750 (following the government grant of £500) for the entry-level Ocean model, which uses ocean recycled plastic. The i300 Bio and Carbon, which feature natural and carbon composite bodywork, are both priced at £6995.

The Zapp i300 bike will be assembled in Thailand, although the firm says components will be manufactured and sourced globally, including in Britain. 


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