UK start-up Helixx reveals mini urban EVs for developing markets

28 Mar 2023

British start-up Helixx plans to launch a range of four mini commercial vehicles, with the affordable machines set to be deployed in emerging developing markets

The four quadricycles have been designed for specific use cases, including last-mile delivery, construction, tuk-tuk and ride-hailing fleets.

All models are based on the same electric architecture and designed to meet the L7e regulations, and are therefore limited to 20mph and a maximum kerb weight of 450kg - although cargo vehicles can be up to 600kg. 

Two commercial models feature in the model line-up: the van variant has a 2100-litre cargo space and while the pick-up comes with a 1.64m2 load bed. 

The passenger models are formed of a minivan and open-sided tuk-tuk, however these can travel up to 50mph and offer a range of 70 miles. 

The quadricycles are also equipped with swappable 2kWh lithium-ion phosphate batteries, allowing for 24-hour duty cycles.

“Helixx was born to meet the challenge of transforming the quality and standard of mobility for citizens in heavily congested cities,” said co-founder and CEO, Steve Pegg. 

“The vehicles offered by Helixx are the key to replacing the heavily polluting combustion-powered vehicles relied upon in developing nations today.”

Engineered and designed in the UK, the vehicles will be offered on a subscription basis only, with commercial fleets charged $0.25 (£0.20) per hour of use. 

In order to scale-up manufacturing, Helixx plans to rollout smaller regional factories that will be fully licensed by the firm. 

Helixx says its Mobility Hubs will “help to keep carbon emissions to a minimum whilst empowering local enterprise.”

The firm will fully manage the entire onboarding process for hub partners, from training the technicians to building the factory and sourcing equipment. Helixx will also be responsible for obtaining all raw material and components needed for production, which will be supported by a next-generation Industry 5.0 digital platform that will focus on local sourcing and supply chain flexibility. 

Following successful trials of the UK concept hub in partnership with Siemens, Helixx will launch further pilot hubs in the UK and Singapore. 


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