Electric motorbike firm Vmoto Soco unveils tasty trio of two-wheeled treats

10 Nov 2022

Electric motorbike firm Vmoto Soco has unveiled three new models, including the production version of the premium Vmoto Stash and its first-electric dirt bike.

The three new reveals from the firm, whose Super Soco brand makes the Move Electric Award-winning TC Maxx, were made at the EICMA motorbike show in Milan, Italy. Vmoto Soco had already unveiled a bold concept for a Pininfarina-penned electric two-wheeler with radical aerodynamic-honed bodywork.

The new models are due to launch in 2023 and will all carry the logo of the Australian Vmoto brand, which has been reinvented as a premium electric motorbike marque. Pricing details for the UK have yet to be confirmed.

Vmoto Stash

The Vmoto Stash was first shown at the 2021 EICMA show in concept form, and the production version shows that the design has been largely retained. The machine is designed to mix the agility of an electric scooter with the riding enjoyment of a traditional motorcycle.

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It has a nominal power output of 8kW, with a peak of 15kW through a boost function. That gives a standard top speed of 68mph, with the boost mode lifting that to 74mph.

Power is drawn from a removable 100Ah (1.2kWh) battery, although Vmoto has yet to disclose a range. The battery can be charged in around 3.5 hours on a 220-240V three-pin domestic input.

The Stash sits on 17-inch wheels and gets hydraulic damping suspension and twin disc brakes. The firm says that it has developed a ‘solid and light frame’, with the bike weighing a total of 143kg.

The bike’s name refers to a multifunction storage compartment housed where the fuel tank on a regular motorbike would be, which is large enough to store a full-face helmet or small bag.

Vmoto ON-R/OFF-R

The new Vmoto ON-R/OFF-R 
Targeted at a young audience, Vmoto’s first dirt bike will essentially be offered in two versions: the ON-R, which will come with road tyres, and the OFF-R, which as you’d probably expect will be fitted with knobbly off-road tyres.

It will also be offered with two power outputs for different bike classes. The L1 models – that’s roughly equivalent to a 50cc motorbike – will be limited to a top speed of 28mph, while L3 models (125cc equivalent) will reach 53mph. Both offer 191lb ft of torque.

Both versions will feature an 8kW engine powered by a 48Ah battery, giving a range of 93 miles. The battery can be charged in around three hours on a domestic socket.

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The machine weighs just 84kg, and features an aluminium frame and swingarm. There is also hydraulic damping suspension, which is designed with long travel to ease off-road riding.

 Vmoto F01

The Vmoto F01 has previously been offered as a commercial vehicle to fleets, but the firm will now offer it to the scooter to the general public. It’s a city-focused machine that is offered in 3500W L1 and 4000W L3 forms, with top speeds of 28mph and 47mph respectively.

A 45Ah battery gives a range of around 50 miles, with a full charge from empty taking around 3.5 hours. It is also offered in one- and two-seat forms, and with a choice of five colours.

Weighing 110kg, Vmoto says that the commercial roots of the machine mean it has plenty of durability, highlighting that the design allows for a tyre to be changed in less than give minutes.


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