New electric Xbus Camper concept is ready for tiny holiday fun

7 Jul 2022

It looks like the planned Volkswagen ID Buzz California might have some serious competition for the title of ‘best-looking electric camper van’: check out the new Xbus Camper prototype.

The new machine is an ultra-cute and ultra-compact camper reworking of the Xbus light electric vehicle (LEV), and is due to go into production next year.

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It’s one of a number of vehicles being developed by German micromobility specialist ElectricBrands through its various different brand names – which include the Evetta, an Isetta-inspired electric microcar.

Let’s start with the Xbus camper though, because, well, it looks fantastic. It’s one of a number of different body types that ElectricBrands plans to offer for the versatile Xbus LEV: you’ll also be able to get it as a pickup, bus, cabriolet, box (that’s a van, basically), tipper or transporter.

Depending on body style, the machine is around 3945mm long, 1690mm wide and 1930mm high, and can be offered with four-wheel-drive. The motors have a continuous output of around 15kW, although a maximum output of 56kW can be achieved in certain set-ups.

As a base the vehicle will be offered with 15kWh of permanently installed batteries, although another 30kWh worth can be added – and are exchangeable, paving the way for rapid battery swapping instead of charging.

ElectricBrands claims that will allow for a range of between 124 and 372 miles depending on battery and powertrain set-up, and there’s a solar roof to further aid the range. In box form, the machine will offer over 6000 litres of cargo capacity.

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The standard XBus pick-up will be priced from £18,431, with the camper starting from £29,727. It will feature two camping modules added to the Xbus platform base, which add a 210cm sofa, a fridge, a TV, a fresh water tank and a sink.

ElectricBrands also offering microcars and bikes

ElectricBrands recently took over Artega, which has been developing an Isetta-inspired electric microcar. It has now confirmed that machine will be named the Evetta, and is due to do into production later this year, with deliveries starting early next year.

The Evetta offers a top speed of 56mph and a range of 124 miles.

The German company also owns the Italian Nito electric bike and moped brand, which offer the N1e e-bike, and the NES 5 and S10 electric mopers, with both have a range of up to 56 miles and top speeds of 28mph and 56mph respectively.


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